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Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development is a key area of specialization for TrusT n Tech . We develop responsive websites that can be viewed on any device including mobile devices and tablets. We transform the ideas of our clients to stunning and effective websites through a collaborative development process. We assign specific expert graphic designers, top programmers, user experience experts, experienced marketers on every project for our clients. Our experts understand the objectives of our clients and develop sophisticated functionalities to meet those needs. We also craft the desired look of the website to match the client’s brand.

Content Management Systems (CMS) 

TrusT n Tech  offers a number of open source content management systems. We provide our clients with intuitive and simple to use CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. We configure and customize the CMS to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our CMSs are accessible through custom-built administrative panels and can be used by a non-technical person. 

Dynamic Web Development

We have development teams with expert skills in all leading programming languages and best industry practices. Our clients demand integrated systems, for that reason we develop websites that work seamlessly with their back-office systems. Whatever programming languages our clients prefer, whether it is PHP, .NET or ColdFusion we will get it done. 

At TrusT n Tech , we make use of responsive web design in all our web development services. This is in line with meeting the objectives of our clients by enhancing their brand and increasing their revenues. 

TrusT n Tech  provides custom website development, enhancement, and maintenance. Our creative developers know what it takes to go from a simple concept to a complex website. Teamwork is essential in custom website development and we are ready to work even with your own in-house teams. 

Why do you need custom website development?

Intuitive User Experience
We  develop websites with the user in mind. We ensure the user has a great experience on the site through functional design, structured information presentation, and navigation, proper use of color enhanced graphics and text for branding and proper call to actions as well as engaging and captivating overall look and feel.

Maintaining the business logic
We implement a captivating user interface while maintaining the business logic and the objectives of the organization without affecting the experience of the users.

Cross Platform Development
We develop custom websites that can be accessed by users regardless of the device or platform they are using. This is particularly important for those using mobile devices. 

Browser Compatibility
Our experts develop websites that are supported by a variety of browsers and perform well without affecting the user experience negatively. 

Our custom website development comes with enhanced security features against threats from hackers. We apply the most secure coding methodologies and quality assurance techniques. 

We fully optimize the sites we develop for major search engines with the most effective SEO practices. A customized website from TrusT n Tech  is exactly what your business needs.


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