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al, y, s, ad, Digital Marketing – TRUST N TECH
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Digital Marketing



We will send your email proposal/design to 5 Lac corporate email of Bangladesh. These people are the top management of company like CEO, CTO, Project Manager, General Manager, Meneging Director, Chairman, President, Director etc. Beside this different kinds of organization like FBCCI, BGMEA, BASIS and different type of club like Dhaka Club, Uttara Club, Gulshan Club member’s email address are available in our corporate database. So you can reach them easily.


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We have 5 Lac mobile numbers of different corporate people where you can send sms. Mobile number database list are given in the lower part of this proposal. You can send any amount of SMS. Generally 98% people read SMS. So this is one of the best marketing procedures to reach the target people. SMS marketing cost is 0.30 taka++ for non masking and 0.60 taka++ for masking. For masking you have to pay 15000 taka registration fee (one time)


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Now a day Facebook marketing is very important. You can easily reach too many people by Facebook. Just some simple procedure we follow. Create a company page on Facebook. Write some imporatnt and attractive article for facebook. Start advertisement and make it viral in facebook. We advertise for page like so that once one connect with your page, can get notification regularly. For content we charge 2000 taka per article and 10000 taka per video content. You have to 10 taka per like for facebook advertisement.

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Now a day YouTube marketing is very important. You can easily reach too many people by Youtube . Just some simple procedure we follow. Create a company page on Facebook

If you want to do video marketing then youtube is the best way. Any type of video will start after your 5 second video advertisement. Generally we charge 10 taka per video advertisement. We take 10,000 taka for animated video.

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SEO is very important for every website for long time business and marketing. We generally work on 3 keyword for SEO and charge 15000 taka per month. This is a regular marketing option. Generally it will take 3-6 month for rank and it will show 1-3 pages in google search. Additional per keyword: 5000 taka

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If any one searches your product or service then google will show your company website or your advertisement. This is called google adward or google advertisement. We will advertise your website and information by google so that people can get you easily. We charge 10 taka per click on advertisement.

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Trust n Tech

its Our Huge Delight, We Can Share Some Of Our Administrations And Exercises With You. Trustntech Is a Main Redid Programming Advancement Organization In Bangladesh.

  • F#1B, H#03, R#05, Bl#B, Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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