Education & Skills Development

As the needs of the global landscape evolve, the importance of education is being ever more highlighted, as countries recognize it as a crucial vessel to keep driving both economic and social growth. While there is almost unanimous agreement that education is a basic human right, there are still numerous barriers to developing and disseminating effective education programs. Developing countries in particular have to grapple with concerns relating to funding, availability of human resources and adequate facilities, and socioeconomic inclusivity, as they try to formulate prudent policies and education programs that not only ensure access irrespective of sex, health, and cultural identity but also equip people with skillsets that don’t suffer from obsolescence and help contribute to the changing needs of the world.

Trust N Tech understands how education goals need to be aligned with both local and international needs and channels its expertise to assist govern- ments with developing and successfully implementing effective education programs. Trust N Tech’s services include curriculum development, assistance with education policy formulation, assistance with institutional capacity building to ensure improved program management, and devel- opment of enabling frameworks and environments to ensure more widespread access to education.