Information and Communication Technology

Trust N Tech IT Consultancy Service to Trust with Your Technology

The exponential advances in the ICT sector have successfully condensed the world into one tightly knit global village, and have, in particular, significant potential to expedite progress the developing world. Mobile services have been the front runners of the technological transformation of developing economies, as rapid penetration of mobile networks and considerable reductions in costs of associated services have resulted in substantive improvements in both urban and rural settings. The swift diffusion of mobile and internet services has birthed numerous prospects, products, and services, providing groundbreaking ideas in agriculture, health, education, access to finance, and trade. Innovations in the ICT sector have also revolutionized how businesses run, providing them with powerful implements to improve customer services, operational intelligence and strategic decision making, and utilization of data, among others.

Trust N Tech has worked extensively with helping governments and institutions embrace the possibilities afforded by advances in ICT. Our services comprise assisting government entities with creating better online services and platforms, developing integrated financial management and accountability systems, providing consultancy services for development of software and platforms for use by public institutions, and helping formulate policies and regulatory frameworks for the ICT sector