Power & Energy Consulting

The future of oil and gas? Safer, smarter and digital. From upstream to trading and refining to marketing, we help companies across the value chain.

The oil and gas industry is dealing with massive disruption on multiple fronts. Increasing oil price volatility is adding complexity to a fast-changing energy sector where digital technologies, the drive for greener energy and demand for more consumer-centric services are putting national mandates and shareholder returns at risk, while creating a major re-evaluation of future commodity prices and energy value chains.

Modern times have been characterized by a growing realization that a globally burgeoning energy expenditure comes at an often irreversible cost to the environment, and have of late, prioritized the search for cleaner and more efficient energy sources. The next big challenges in the sector will be inextricably tied to identifying optimal equilibria in the precarious debate between performance ratios that must be adhered to and environmental cost reductions from cleaner sources. Be it enabling legal and regulatory environments, revolutionary innovations and technologi- cal adoption, a need for infrastructure upgrades and ever-increasing digitization of systems, or evolving market structures and newer avenues for growth, the power and energy sector is on the cusp of large scale global changes set to redefine the future of energy consumption.

Trust N Tech understands these paradigm shifts and with an in-depth understanding of the shifting trends and challenges in the region, is perfectly poised to step up as a major player in the South-Asian energy and power sector. e.Gen’s services in the sector encompass feasibility studies, grid code harmonization, transmission and distribution infrastructure upgrades, sectoral reforms and formulation of national energy master plans, tariff restructuring, institutional reforms and capacity building for energy and power utilities, and environmental and social due diligence and impact management.