Prepaid Data Monetization

Prepaid Data Monetization

With the Alepo approach to monetizing prepaid mobile data services, mobile network operators can leverage the growth opportunity in the prepaid data market in order to drive up revenue, ARPU, and market share.

Win More Prepaid Customers

Get to Market Quickly

Increase ARPU

Win More Prepaid Customers

Take customer experience to a new level with little effort required.

Offer Recharge Promotions

To keep prepaid and pay-as-you-go customers engaged and to prevent churn, Alepo’s Prepaid Data Charging solution supports the creation of promotional offers triggered by a recharge or top-up on a prepaid account, as well as many other unique triggers.

Empower Subscribers to Own Their Data Experience

Alepo’s award-winning My Mobile Buddy mobile app empowers prepaid mobile subscribers to take ownership of their data experiences in the most sophisticated and convenient way. Via the app, subscribers can:

  • Purchase prepaid data passes
  • Purchase international data roaming passes
  • Allocate data to family members
  • Set parental controls
  • Monitor real-time data usage
  • Manage bandwidth speeds
  • Gift data to other subscribers
  • And more

Promote a Positive Customer Experience

Alepo’s solution features built-in intelligence that allows you to send automatic SMS and email notifications to prepaid subscribers based on multiple actions. Alerting subscribers promotes transparency and a positive customer experience. Alert use cases include:

  • Percentage of Data Used
  • Data Remaining
  • Matched Event
  • Per Session Usage
  • Authorize Overage Request
  • Promotional Offers
  • Brand-boosting Discounts

Get to Market Quickly

Rapidly Launch

Rapidly launch new prepaid data business models without replacements or other costly changes to your existing network environment. Alepo’s Prepaid Data Monetization Solution delivers end-to-end functionality for your prepaid data business, including:

  • Rapid and flexible service creation
  • Central product catalog
  • Real-time policy and charging control
  • Award-winning mobile app
  • Automated usage alerts and notifications
  • Real-time reporting and analytics

Plug and Play Market-Ready Use Cases

Launch new prepaid data business models with attractive, market-ready prepaid use cases and a library of pre-built templates that significantly reduce time and error in configuration, making for a more rapid time to market of new offers.

High Adaptability to Future Use Cases

Alepo offers subscription to a constantly evolving use case library, so that you can launch top priority use cases immediately and receive new use cases as you need and as your market evolves.

Increase ARPU

Gain full control of creating plans and promotions that encourage your subscribers to purchase more data services and drive up ARPU.

Multi-Level Packages

Alepo makes it simple to create flexible, multi-level prepaid data packages by stacking multiple charging rules within a package.

Increase Revenue through Differentiation

Unlock the full revenue potential of your prepaid mobile data business by creating highly contextual data offers that cater to your prepaid subscribers’ digital lifestyles and real-time needs. Offers can be based on multiple parameters:

  • QoS
  • Apps and content
  • Time
  • Device type
  • Data usage
  • Subscriber profile
  • Congestion
  • Access network
  • Location

Lower Your OPEX Investment

Instead of replacing legacy components, reuse and integrate them, so you can invest in new revenue growth and solutions with rapid ROI.  Reduce costs with our:

  • Adaptable modular architecture
  • Flexible deployment modes (physical, cloud, hybrid)
  • 100% project success rate
  • 24×7 Alepo GTAC assistance