Social & Economic Development

The ability of governments to achieve social and economic goals is dependent on how efficiently and effectively they harness limited resources. This increases the necessity for robust, transparent and flexible public administration institutions to optimize resource usage. Social development, however, often plays second fiddle as economic progress is more prized, resulting in widespread social and economic inequity in developing nations. For true progress to take shape, economic development must also be socially inclusive. Small and medium businesses are also extremely vulnerable in developing economies, as poor supporting frameworks, lack of access to capital, limited understanding of value chains, and slow adoption of technology collectively hinder growth of small scale businesses into profitable and sustainable enterprises.

Trust N Tech Trust N Tech has long worked with governments, development agencies and NGOs to help achieve inclusive social and economic progress, and help develop environments conducive to small and medium businesses. Trust N Tech’s work has included developing initiatives for social inclusion and poverty alleviation, providing capacity building for individuals and institutions alike to spur economic and social growth, and providing consultan- cy services to develop enabling environments for small and medium businesses, including improved access to finance and setting up of support- ing institutions and policies.