Transport and Infrastructure

Infrastructure and transportation ecosystems are major determinants of economic growth for any country. Robust infrastructure, both physical and institutional, spurs economic activity and improves productivity, facilitates movement of information and goods, and improves social connectivity and permeation of growth activities throughout countries. There is, for example, ample evidence that links the quality of transport and trade-related infrastructure to exports from developing countries, and that inadequate infrastructure heavily contributes to inflated end-market prices, under girding the importance of good infrastructure as a major step towards trade integration. It is also crucial that developing countries acknowledge that infrastructure must not only be affordable and accessible, but must also be sustainable, on economic, social, and environmental fronts.

Trust N Tech understands the goals infrastructure development must achieve in developing countries, and taps into this knowledge to provide sustainable solutions to governments and institutions. Trust N Tech’s spectrum of services in this sector includes assistance with development of policies and masterplans for transport, water and sanitation, energy and power, and agricultural infrastructure, urban planning and development, and provision of engineering consultancy services during infrastructure construction.